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I use the nourished kitchen fermented sauce recipe. I've made it with just superhots, and used it sparingly, and also made it with more onion/garlic/"regular" hot peppers like cayenne to sort of dilute it.

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Dragons' Breath - How healthy can you make a hot sauce that literally makes you sweat? Combine the hottest peppers Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion & Bhut Jolokia with honey, garlic, ginger and make it thick..

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The extreme heat of this chili deems it unwise to consume the fruit. If the reports are true, one bite has the ability to kill the diner. Scoville heat units measure the spice of a pepper. The Scoville heat units for Dragon's Breath is 2.48 million. To compare, pepper spray clocks in at 1.6 million heat units.

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The Dragon's breath chili's heat level has been reported to be a scorching 2.48 million Scoville heat units (SHU), which would make it hotter than the Carolina Reaper, which offers 2.2 million SHU at its peak (a range from 1.4 million to 2.2 million SHU).

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Dragon's Breath peppers are wrinkly and bumpy, much like other superhots, sometimes with a tiny tail indicative of high heat levels. The pods ripen from green to a vibrant red, and offer a fruity flavor along with incredible heat. The chili plants typically grow 4 feet in height and are productive. How Hot is the Dragon's Breath Pepper?

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Dragon's Breath pepper overview Species: Capsicum Chinense Origin: United Kingdom Heat Level: 2,480,000 Scoville Heat Units (Unofficial) Flavor: Floral, Bitter Pod Size: 1-2 inches Who made the Dragon's Breath pepper? Neil Price is credited as the original breeder of Dragon's Breath.

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Dragons Breath Sauce 140ml. This was the first chilli sauce we ever made way back in 1996. Still one of our best selling chilli sauce ever. We have now included the Dragon's Breath Chilli which has been measured at 2.48 Million SHU. The sauce is based on a Caribbean style hot sauce we built in lots of flavour as well as extreme heat.

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Our Most Popular Hot Sauce! It has Dragon's Breath peppers along with Carolina Reaper, Ghost peppers, and Habanero peppers, with a hint of sweetness.

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13th May 2021 Scott Pepper Varieties 0 Dragon's Breath is a chilli pepper of the capsicum chinense family. officially tested at 2.48 million Scoville units, which would make it the second-hottest chilli pepper in the world only surpassed by Ed Currie's Pepper X.

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Dragon's Breath is a chili pepper cultivar that unofficially tested at 2.48 million Scoville units . Development The plant was developed in a collaboration between chili farmer Neal Price, NPK Technology, and Nottingham Trent University during a test of a special plant food and for its essential oil having potential as a skin anesthetic.

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Dragon's Breath hot sauce is made for the chili head, by a chili head. All ingredients are hand picked to maximize flavor while still delivering you the heat you desire. While most ingredients are farm fresh, some of the peppers used are dehydrated for year round sauce creation.

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The Dragon's Breath pepper is a very hot pepper, but not as hot as the Carolina Reaper. It has a floral and slightly bitter flavor. The heat is a slow builder and it can last for a long time.

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Dragon's Breath Pepper Sauce Habanero with Spicy Bold Flavor Brand: Dragon's Breath Pepper Sauce 4.1 220 ratings | 4 answered questions $1395 ($2.79 / Fl Oz) Flavor Name: Habanero Habanero Green Thai Chili Red Thai Diet type

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Join me while I make a super hot pepper sauce, the hottest sauce I have ever made!To make this extremely hot pepper sauce I create a mash out of the super ho.

This Dragon's Breath Pepper Is So Hot It Could Potentially Kill You

What Is The Dragon's Breath Chili Pepper? This pepper originated in the UK and was developed as a result of avid chili enthusiast and farmer Neal Price, NPK Technology, and the Nottingham Trent University. It was the result of special scientific tests of special plant food, and its essential oil's use as a skin anesthetic.

DRAGON’S BREATH SAUCE Tennessee Bob and the Pepper People of Rancho Del Fuego

What are Dragon's Breath peppers? There are super-hot peppers, then there are super-hot, mind blowing, out of this world peppers. The Dragon's Breath pepper is arguably now the king of the latter.